Pay overseas suppliers with exchange rates that can be up to 8x better than the banks

Fee-Free International Transfers and AIBTF Member Benefit Rates

Tailored currency payment strategies for SME’s who import from India

Secure payments from an established company with an AFSL

AIBTF Foreign Exchange, International Payments and Risk Management Services

Australia India Business and Trade Foundation have partnered with Send, an Australian owned and operated payments specialist to assist Australian businesses and individuals with saving money and managing their foreign exchange risk when transferring money internationally to India.

Ensure that your overseas suppliers are paid faster with our multi-currency payment technology and to improve the supply-chain process and the speed of delivery for your business, whilst also having the ability to speak to a dedicated personal account manager who can provide comparative rates against your bank or FX provider and show you how much Send can save you.

You could save thousands of dollars annually using the services of Send instead of your bank when transferring funds internationally.

Business FX Assistance

  • Importers paying overseas suppliers
  • Paying offshore contractors / BPO
  • Export Grants
  • E-Commerce

Personal FX Assistance

  • Sending to family
  • Buying/Selling Property
  • Inheritance transfers
  • Importing luxury goods (wine, art, cars)
  • International tuition fees

Think Big! Send can access new markets for your business with payments to over 200 countries.


Complete the business registration form that your account manager will send to you once you submit your details.


Once your registration is completed, we can commence to either send or receive your business payments.


Boom, your payment lands where you need it. It’ll arrive safely and cost you less than your bank.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions about Send? These are some of the questions we hear most often from our many happy clients.

Why should I use Send instead of my bank?

Send is different from banks in that everything we do is focused on foreign exchange, otherwise known as FX, and international money transfers. Not only are we experts in the field but we can provide you with better exchange rates than the banks, quicker transfer times, fee-free transactions and a dedicated account manager!

Is it safe to transfer my money with Send?

Keeping our customers’ funds secure is of the utmost importance to us. We’re regulated in Australia by both ASIC and AUSTRAC and we hold an Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL).

How much does it cost to send my money?

Every transaction you make with Send is fee-free, so it doesn’t cost you anything to transfer money internationally with us.